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Welcome at the Institute of Pharmacology.

Organization of lectures and seminars at the Institute of Pharmacology in the upcoming weeks

Although students are not currently allowed to attend lectures and seminars in person, education have not been cancelled or discontinued and will continue using alternative methods and remotely.


- Materials from seminars that were to be held on March 12th will be provided to students by their teachers in the next few days for self-study.

- Seminars concerning pharmacokinetic calculations and TDM will be held later during the semester as the situation will allow.

- The same applies for the tests.

- Teachers will stay in touch with their students through electronic communication and they will determine possible ways of teaching remotely.

- Students will be assigned various tasks to be fulfilled (short reviews, essays etc.).

- Teachers will be at hand for consultations, mainly through electronic communication.

- Proper study and completion of assigned tasks will be necessary for obtaining the credit at the end of the semester.


Materials from the lectures will be placed in SIS and lectures might be held through webinars if possible.

Institute of Pharmacology, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and General University Hospital in Prague



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English-taught courses:

prof. Dr. Hassan Farghali, DrSc.

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