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Both non-clinical and clinical research studies are conducted at the Institute of Pharmacology of the First Faculty of Medicine and the General University Hospital.

Within the non-clinical research, we focus mainly on:

  • Preclinical pharmacokinetics of selected drugs.
  • Investigation of therapeutic potential of antioxidants and other cytoprotective compounds in preclinical models (in vivo and in vitro) of multiple sclerosis (experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis), obesity, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis etc. 


In the area of clinical pharmacology, we focus on prediction factors for the efficacy and safety of pharmacotherapy and their use for treatment individualization. We developed methods and procedures i.e. for:

· Measurement of genetic variability for the metabolism of some drugs (PCR, real-time PCR, phenotype assay).

· Monitoring of pharmacokinetic and treatment response variability (pupillometry, therapeutic drug monitoring, etc.).

For more details see PhD programs.


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